The Oregon Effect

The Oregon Effect

What do you know about the Oregon Ducks @uoregon? My guess is that you know more about their #colors and #uniforms than anything else about this hidden gem in the Pacific Northwest. The reality is that with the help of @Nike founder and CEO Phil Knight, color and #branding put the Oregon Ducks @oregonfootball on the sports map and changed the way we watch the games we play forever. Oregon made #throwbacks and #alternate uniforms the new norm.

As fans, we now eagerly anticipate our favorite team emerging from the tunnel in this week's #giddyup. Stalwarts like Alabama @UA_Athletics and Penn State @GoPSUsports will always adhere to #tradition but everybody else is about standing out: bigger #logos, brighter colors, #metallic #chrome and #gold #helmets. It's working! Put an attractive uniform on the field and people will tune in, at least for a little while.

There will always be classic uniforms like the @Yankees and the @DallasCowboys but the new trend is to use every color in your arsenal to attract #eyeballs and #dollars. Check out the @NBA, the @NHL, @MLB - everyone is doing it.

#Youthsports...take note! Your logo is the key to your #fundraising #future. Collecting fees, scheduling games and handing out plaques is noble, but you need more if your organization is going to survive and thrive. As a league or team director, you have to ask yourself: Who is really helping us build this brand and organization? Building tradition is nice, but why not build both the tradition AND the brand?

@BLADESHARK Sports is your branding arm for youth sports. Give us your logo and watch us grow together.  In exchange, we arm you with a Team Store and vibrant products that are attractive attention-getters, drawing eyeballs and interest on the rink, field or gym but also at stop signs and yard signs around town. Not only we will do that for you, we will pay you 15 percent for the honor as a Team Fundraiser. Your store never closes, never sleeps and never has an off-season. So join us today and become a Fundraising Team Partner. We'll do the grunt work so you can get back to #leading young men and women to #greatness.

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