A Shark's Tale

May 4, 2004

How it all started!

BLADESHARK started like most inventions. I just wanted something to improve my game. While not gifted with the hands of an NHL superstar, I was always looking for better ways to enhance my hockey skills.

When I started playing hockey, I wasn’t taught the traditional hockey rituals, like taping a stick. I just slapped on some tape, wax and went out onto the ice. By the end of the game, the tape on my stick was a wet, gooey mess. Plus, I wasn't getting much skill benefit from it, yet it took forever to put it on. I knew there had to be a better way, something that would give me more puck control without the constant maintenance.

I experimented with various materials as an alternative to hockey tape in an effort to improve my puck control. Finally, I found a high-friction material that looked promising. When I tried it, my passes and shots were noticeably more accurate. I was finally able to make and catch passes cleanly. Nothing I had tried previously had such a noticeable effect. My game and my overall scoring improved instantly!

Maintenance is not a problem! BLADESHARK Performance Blade Tape typically lasts 10-15 games depending on the individual. I’ve had many examples of BLADESHARK lasting as many as 30 games, making BLADESHARK very cost-effective.

Questions may arise over our design of BLADESHARK as our product does not protect the bottom of the blade. Today's composite blades are tougher and stronger than their predecessors, so protection along the bottom of the blade is not as critical as it may have been previously. In fact, without tape along the bottom of the blade, the stick glides much quicker and smoother for stick-handling.

Blade preparation is THE most important factor when applying BLADESHARK. I ask that you please follow the instructions carefully for best results. This product is not a gimmick. It works. It may not be for everyone, but IT WORKS! BLADESHARK is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, BLADESHARK, Inc. will either replace it or buy you your next roll of hockey tape.

I felt that if BLADESHARK improved my game this much; it could improve the game of others. Thus, I created BLADESHARK and embarked on this journey to share it with the hockey world.

Mikal Johnson
President BLADESHARK™, Inc.