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BLADESHARK Performance Hockey Tape is made from a pressure-sensitive, self-adhesive film coated with crushed cork and rubber particles. Tougher and lighter than tape, BLADESHARK typically lasts 10 to 15 games, but has been used for as many as 30 games.

BLADESHARK’s gritty, abrasive, anti-slip material has tiny “teeth," offering superior catching dynamics, unmatched by traditional tape-wrapped blades. BLADESHARK's “teeth” grab that laser, cross-ice pass and keep it on your blade. When the puck hits the blade, BLADESHARK’s teeth grab the puck, reducing spin and dissipating its energy. Longer contact with the blade provides more control over your catches and passes so you can post another one in the winner's bracket.

All BLADESHARKs are packaged in a plastic sleeve, heat-sealed at each end, and include an installation instructions insert.  Also available for Goalies ($15 a pair).