How to apply BLADESHARK Hockey Stick Wrap

1. Thoroughly clean stick using solvent to remove all tape residue.

2. Cut wrap to appropriate length.

3. With blade  between your knees, crouch in front of a wall or table with butt end of stick leaning against wall or table

4. Working from the top 6 to 8 inches at a time, begin to remove liner from wrap, exposing adhesive side.

5. Using position diamond and name block to align wrap on stick just below your grip or tape, press wrap to stick.

6. Continue peeling liner from adhesive side and pressing wrap down center of shaft using diamonds at each end for alignment.

7. Once wrap is adhered to center of shaft, smooth it all the way down.

8. Working with one side at a time, slowly smooth wrap around shaft.

9. Always smooth in direction of open side to prevent air pockets.

10. Take seam piece of wrap and with stick laying on a table with blade over edge, attach one end of seam piece to butt-end of stick, then slightly stretch to the opposite end and smooth to stick, careful to smooth over all overlap seams on shaft.

11. Wrap should overlap slightly.